We thought we were…Beautiful and bright…growing out in the wild…no one minding until…We showed up in your yard…You cursed us…Called us nasty names…Pulled us out of the ground…Poisoned us…Hated us…but…God made us…and…We are beautiful…In the wild…


Drunken talks to myself… Beats the arguments…And the sneers…And the muttering…in the other room…

And the silence…

Drunken talks with myself…is when I can make sense…


After the sunrise

We’re left ordinary days

To try to dream in


Creative writing

What you find on a blank page

Just waiting for you


Hoarding these heartbreaks

Penal piling up pain

Nothing notable

Haggardly hopeless hallmarks

Just saved for another day


Neither time nor space

Holds a soul’s passion that loves

Nothing is questioned

Even as we look for answers

Once imagined infinite


Shadows haunting me

The dangers of letting go

Lost in the new moon

Of wild wisteria

Touch on long term conditions


Dragging down the sun

Poetry dreams of nights like this

Thunderous lightening


Waves crash over me

Tumbling back to the shore

You made me smile

E. Scott Alighieri

Changing his name to Litsu. -Hokusai

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