Science for poets


When the Water shallows…And the Sun recedes into the Ocean…my heart flutters in an unsure syncopation…Rhythm can’t rhyme…even if you could find a beat…fleetingly…And sail right past the patterns… man made…Out to the heavens….God in his infinite wisdom…makes nothing with straight lines….


And more…let us recall Red…And Cadmium…Your face turned…As we kissed…And the shades of Crimsons…Alizarin to Pure…highlighting Your lips…giving head…And Vermillion bright glowing…You coming…Yes…YES…YES let’s write…RED…YOUR every shade…


Seals sunning sharks feast

Downeast the ocean shimmers

Tripping on mushrooms

Wandering along the cliffs

The Atlantic turns blood red


Enchanter’s nightshade

This time it will be different

On Burial Hill

In the wind past songwriting

To those broken promises


Those questions call out

On the echo of your voice

All the tragic souls

Answer as the moments pass

Rose meadow monastery


Coins tossed wishes wished

Drunk at the Trevi fountain

Wine bread and sunshine

Lost and hopelessly in love

Romantic poems need Rome


After the sunrise

We’re left ordinary days

To try to dream in


Creative writing

What you find on a blank page

Just waiting for you


Hoarding these heartbreaks

Penal piling up pain

Nothing notable

Haggardly hopeless hallmarks

Just saved for another day


Neither time nor space

Holds a soul’s passion that loves

Nothing is questioned

Even as we look for answers

Once imagined infinite

E. Scott Alighieri

Changing his name to Litsu. -Hokusai

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